Why we invested in LifeBrand: A Social Media Selection and Monitoring Software

We’re massively excited to announce our investment in LifeBrand — a social media detection and monitoring software, which through the use of machine learning, can scan your past social media history as well as monitor it in live time and flag/delete content that could be potentially damaging based on keywords and phrases.

We were initially introduced to Thomas Colaiezzi, Founder & CEO of LifeBrand, by Mark Constan who had just signed on as an advisor for the company a few months earlier. Mark’s feedback on the company was exceptional — we were soon to agree with his opinion.

Why did we invest?

From our first meeting with Thomas, it became evidently clear that LifeBrand was a company born out of necessity — one of those companies that makes you wonder how did I not think of that?!

Here’s what Thomas had to say about that meeting:

“From the very first moments I talked to Mikal it was clear that we both shared the same vision and goals for a partnership with LifeBrand, Juno Search Partners, and Juno Capital. That type of instant synergy is so rare in the business world but when it happens it almost always leads to tremendous success. I knew from this moment that Mikal and Juno were the exact partners we were looking for.”

What followed were several deeper conversations where we dove into the problem that LifeBrand is trying to solve, social media misuse — one of the fastest-growing problems across the globe.

As recruiters, we’ve seen first hand the effect a candidate’s social media presence can have on a hiring manager’s decision. Not to mention the countless stories we’ve all heard of old social media posts resurfacing and causing damage for all involved.

Launching during a global pandemic, the largest movement in US History, and on the cusp of an election, the need for LifeBrand is more critical than ever.

While this product is suitable for a wide range of individuals and businesses, we are particularly interested in the desire for this product from an HR standpoint. As part of our investment, Mikal and Vicki will share a seat on LifeBrands Board of Directors. This seat will allow us the opportunity to dedicate a meaningful amount of time to help LifeBrand build its presence in the HR industry.

So what’s next for LifeBrand?

Fresh off closing a million-dollar seed round, LifeBrand will continue to build out its team and product before seeking a Series A investment in Q3 of 2021.

“Now that we are in the final stages of closing this Seed Round it is allowing us to concentrate on the explosive growth of LifeBrand that will lead us into a Series A by Q3 of 2021 eyeing a 70M + valuation.”

We could not be more excited for LifeBrand to be joining the Juno Capital family and look forward to being part of their journey over the years to come.



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